Subject: DKOA: Bokamoso Public Notice: Junction 21 Township
Date: 12 April 2008 12:18:04 PM

To: Doornkloof Owners Association (DKOA)
Cc: Bokamoso Landscape Architects and Environmental Consultants


Bokamoso Public Notice: Junction 21 Township 2
Ref No: Gaut002/07-08/N0819

Please see Bokamoso notice below.

We have asked that the Doornkloof Owners Association (DKOA) be registered as an Interested and Affected Party (I&AP) 

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George Gericke  Telephone: 012-346-3810
Bokamoso Landscape Architects and Environmental Consultants

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David Larsen - Salbu

Secretary: Doornkloof Owners Association (DKOA)
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From: "Lizelle Gregory" <>
Date: 11 April 2008 9:28:56 AM
To: "'David Larsen - Salbu'" <>
Subject: Junction 21 Township 2 Public Notice

Dear Sir
Attached find a public notice for Junction 21 Township 2.
Kind regards,
George Gericke
Landscape Architects and
Environmental Consultants
012 346 3810

Junction 21 Township 2
Notice is given of an application for Environmental authorization that will be submitted to the Gauteng Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Environment, in terms of regulation no. R386 & 387 published in the Government Notice no. 28753 of 21 April 2006 of the National Environment Management Act, 1998 (Act No. 107 of 1998) governing Scoping procedures for the following activity:  
Name of project:  Junction 21 Township 2

Project description:  The development will entail the following proposed zoning:
Special for Residential Units, Offices, Shops, Showrooms, Service Industries, Medical Suites, Restaurants, Place of Instruction, Private Sport and Recreation Clubs, Place of Public Worship, Community Hall, Library, Place of Amusement, Post Office, Banks, Hotel , Guest House, Conference Facilities, Crèche, Gymnasium, Nursery, Public Open Space, Private Open Space, Municipal, Access and Access Control, Engineering, Services and uses ancillary and subservient to the main use, Special for Industrial uses/buildings, offices and showrooms, Business 1, Residential (18 units/ha), Residential (60 units/ha), Open Space, Streets.
The application was submitted for the following activities in terms of the Government Notice R. 386, 21 April 2006: Activity No 1e Any purpose where lawns, playing fields or sport tracks covering an area of more than 3 ha, but less than 10 ha will be established. Activity No 1f Sport spectator facilities with the capacity to hold 8000 spectators or more. Activity No 1o the recycling, reus3e, handling or treatment of general waste with a throughput capacity of 20 cubic meters or more daily average measured over a period of 30 days, but less than 50 tons daily average measured over 30 days. Activity No 1p The temporary storage of hazardous waste.  Activity No (s):15The construction of a road that is wider than 4 meters or that has a reserve wider than 6 meters, excluding roads that fall within the ambit of another listed activity or which are access roads of less than 30 meters long. Activity No (s):1 (k)The bulk transportation of sewage and water, including storm water, in pipelines with (i) an internal diameter of 0.36 m or more; or (ii) a peak throughput of 120 liters per second or more. Activity No (s): 17 Phased activities where any one phase of the activity may be below a threshold specified in the schedule but where a combination of the phases, including expansions or extensions, will exceed a specified threshold. Activity No (s):19 The development of a new facility or the transformation of an existing facility for the conducting of manufacturing processes, warehousing, bottling, packaging or storage, which, including associated structures or infrastructure, occupies an area of 100 square meters or more outside an existing area zoned for industrial purposes. Activity No (s):1(v) Advertisements as defined in classes 1a, 1b, 1c, 3b, 3l of the South African Manual for Outdoor Advertising Control Activity No (s):16(b) Establish infill development, vacant or derelict land to- (b) Residential, mixed retail, commercial, industrial or institutional use where such development does not constitute infill and where the total area to be transformed is bigger than 1 hectare. Activity No (s): 14 The construction of masts of any material or type and of any height, including those used for telecommunication broadcasting and radio transmission, but excluding- (a) masts of 15m and lower exclusively used (i) by radio amateurs or (ii) for Lighting purposes (b) flag poles (c) Lightning conductor poles
The application was submitted for the following activities in terms of the Government Notice R. 387, 21 April 2006: Activity No 1l The transmission, distribution of above ground electricity with a capacity of 120 kilovolt or more. Activity No 1s Rail transportation, excluding railway lines and sidings in industrial areas and underground railway lines, but including: i) railway lines; ii) stations; iii) shunting yards. Activity No 1t Any purpose where lawns, playing fields or sports tracks covering an area of 10 ha or more, will be established.  Activity No (s): 2 Any development activity, including associated structures and infrastructure, where the total area of the developed area is, or is intended to be 20 hectares or more. Activity No (s): 5 The route determination of roads and design of associated physical infrastructure, including roads that have not yet been built for which routes have been determined before the publication of this notice and which has not been authorized by a competent authority in terms of the Environmental Impact Assessment Regulations, 2006 made under section 24(5) of the Act and published in Government notice No. R. 385 of 2006, where – (a) it is a national road as defined in section 40 of the South African National Roads Agency Limited and National Roads Act, 1998 Act No. 7 of 1998; (b) It is a road administered by a provincial authority (c) The road reserve is wider than 30 meters (d) The road will cater for more than one lane of traffic in both directions. 1(a)ii The construction of facilities or infrastructure, including associated structures or infrastructure, for- (a) the generation of electricity where- (ii) the elements of the facility cover a combined area in excess of 1 hectare;
Extent: The study area is approximately 347 hectares in extent.
Ref No: Gaut002/07-08/N0819
Name of the proponent: JR 209 Investments (Pty) Ltd
Location: The proposed township is situated east of the proclaimed township Clayville Extension 7, Directly west of the Provincial Route R21 directly south of the Farm Rensburg 623-JR. The southern boundary of the township is defined by the proposed future intersection of the provincial R21 and the Existing road R562, on part of the remainder of portion 13 of the farm Sterkfontein 401-JR & Part of the remainder of the farm Olifantsfontein 402-JR

NOTE: In order to ensure that you are registered as an interested and/or affected party, please submit your name, contact information and interest  in the matter to Bokamoso Environmental Consultants (contact person & contact details are given below) before 30 April 2007.