Subject: DKOA: Zitholele Notice: Apollo meeting: 5 September 2008 at 14:00
Date: 21 August 2008 1:02:28 PM

To: DKOA Apollo Noise List
Cc: Zitholele Consulting


Zitholele Notice: Apollo meeting: 5 September 2008 at 14:00

Please see Zitholele Consulting notice and e-mail below.

This notice will be of particular concern to people living in the vicinity of the Eskom station Apollo.

"The purpose of this Zitholele Consulting notice is to provide interested and affected parties with information to enable meaningful participation at the proposed stakeholder meeting to be held on 5 September 2008 at 14:00 at Apollo Converter Station. The aim of the meeting is to share information on the refurbishment project as well as to address any concerns raised by the interested and affected parties. The meeting will include a site visit so that those attending can see first-hand the equipment at the converter station."

We have asked that the Doornkloof Owners Association (DKOA) be registered as an Interested and Affected Party (I&AP).

For more information please contact:
Anelle Odendaal,  Zitholele Consulting, Tel: (011) 254-4855 or 082-804-5890

Kind regards,

David Larsen - Salbu

Telephone: +27-11-316-1393

Secretary: Doornkloof Owners Association (DKOA)

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On 20 Aug 2008, at 17:53 , Odendaal, Anelle wrote:

Dear Mr Larsen and Barry

During one of our earlier conversations, you have offered to be so kind as to distribute an invitation to a meeting with Eskom to the residents and interested parties in the area where you stay. I would gladly make use of your kindness.

Attached please find the following:

a)  An invitation letter - R.S.V.P.

b)  A information document that was compiled with Eskom that provides background information and the next steps to rectify the noise situation.

c)  A proposed agenda for the meeting.

d)  A reply sheet – please ask all to complete and return to us by 2 Sept 200

To download, or view, the above files see urls below:

a -
b -
c -
d -

Please note, the meeting will take place on Friday, 5 September at 14:00 at the Apollo substation. There will be a visit after the meeting to the site itself.

If you find it difficult to send out invitations, please contact me. If only I have all the interested parties’ details will I gladly email the information. Should you wish to, please send me a list of the names and I can forward the information without any difficulty.

Kind regards and many thanks for your assistance.

Anelle Odendaal

Zitholele Consulting

Tel: (011) 254-4855 or 082-804-5890