RESA's Key Milestones        

1961 Racal Electronics became a public company.

1963 RACAL-SMD established - As joint venture between Racal Electronics and SMD
In 1963, the communications section of SMD, with a staff of three, became Racal-SMD and moved to Pretoria where it was soon to open its doors as Racal Electronics South Africa. The "founding" staff members of Racal-SMD were, Horace Dainty, David Larsen and Desmond Ervin. 

1965 Racal Electronics South Africa (RESA) established - formerly RACAL-SMD
Racal Electronics UK negotiates licence with RESA and starts development of ‘Squadcal’. Squadcal, and its derivates, make RACAL the byword of organic growth in the 1960s and 1970s.

1972  Horace Dainty retires as Managing Director and David Larsen takes over as Chief Executive Officer .

1978 David Larsen retires when RESA, now employing over 1000 peopele, is purchased by the GRINAKER GROUP

Note: After producing the "Squadcal" in large numbers - and receiving the Queen's Award for export achievement, another first for RACAL - a new company, headed up by David Elsbury, was established to exploit derivatives of this unique tactical radio. Tacticom soon became RACAL's most profitable company. Tacticom was later headed up by Gerry Whent.  Gerry Whent (later to become Sir Gerald Whent), was a founder member of "Racal Strategic Radio" that was to become VODAFONE.

In a 1992 CITY PROFILE interview with Jim Levi, Sir Ernest Harrison said "A South African offshoot (RESA) gave him the tactical radio (Squadcal) which was to make RACAL a byword of organic growth in the 1960's & 70's".