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The Richard and William Wood Book  

Foreword: After many years of researching various family stories and being inspired by the book, "A Long Journey" about the Wood family, written by my cousin, Martha Hisey, I have tried to gather all I have found, into one collection that I hope will be passed on from generation to generation, that those that follow me will have some idea of those who have gone before. This is a part of that research and will become a section of my collection. 

Robert Dean Wood    
1742, Orchard Way
Pleasanton, California 

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NOTE: These pages maintained in the fond memory of the late Robert Dean Wood (1923-07-05 / 2008-01-01)

Father: Richard Wood and his brother William Wood
Son: William Wood - Interpreter to Dingaan
Grandson: Richard William Wood - Journal dated August 10th 1935 - Oakland

Key Dates and TimeLine - Wood Family in Natal
Port Natal: Short History - Views of the Bay - Location of the Wood Home
The Old Fort in Durban - Brief History and Photographs
Natal: 1800 -1900 : Physical Features and History

Large 1842 Map of Port Natal (Ethekwini - Durban): Download Image to Disk
Large 1898 Map of Port Natal (Ethekwini - Durban): Download Image to Disk

The WOOD / CROWLEY / STRONG Connection
The Family Tree of Richard Wood
The WOODs, the BIGGARs and the DUNNs 
The WOODs, & James Collis of Natal  - New information about the Collis family

SUMMARY:  RICHARD WOOD was a Trader's assistant, carpenter, wagon driver. He, probably came to Natal with Collis in October 1831. In April 1838 Richard Wood was killed at the Battle of the Tugela. WILLIAM WOOD, the brother of Richard, died in the same battle. WILLIAM WOOD, the son of Richard, was interpreter to Dingaan. William WOOD, his mother, and other Port Natal residents took refuge on the ship Comet at the Bay of Natal to escape the Zulus. Young William WOOD and his mother left Port Natal on 11 May 1838 for Graham's Town in the company of Mr and Mrs Edwards and family. The wagon journey to Graham's Town (375 miles as the crow flies) took a total of 4 months and the WOODs had to walk most of the way. The Edwards family remained in King William's Town. The WOOD family proceeded to Algoa Bay and then boarded the 'Comet' to Cape Town. William WOOD remained in Africa until the age of 20. He then left for Rio de Janeiro, Brazil where he married. After a few years William WOOD and his family moved to England and then on to the United States. Map of Probable Natal to Grahamstown Route - CLICK HERE.

The Richard and William Wood Book

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