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                                                                                                            June 2007

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1.                     INTRODUCTION

Application is made in terms of Section 56(1) of the Town Planning and Townships Ordinance, 1986 (Ordinance 15 of 1986), for the rezoning of Portion 734 (a portion of portion 56) of the farm Doornkloof 391JR from 'Undetermined' to 'Undetermined' including commercial use as defined in the Peri-Urban Areas Town Planning Scheme, 1975, subject to certain conditions.


2.                     GENERAL INFORMATION


Portion 734 (a portion of portion 56) of the farm Doornkloof 391JR (referred to hereafter as the relevant property)


1,001 hectare



The relevant property is registered in the name of Wilhelmus Pretorius Roux.



T 118035/06. An excision application will be submitted to Gauteng Province after approval.


The relevant property is situated south of the St George Hotel and 24th Street West and is in close proximity to the R21, which is to the east of the property, and the M57, which is to the west of the property. See attached Locality Plan.



The relevant property is zoned 'Undetermined'. Zoning of the surrounding properties is mainly 'Undetermined'since it falls under the Kungwini Local Municipality, Peri-Urban  Areas Town Planning Scheme, 1975. See attached Zoning and Land Use Plans.


The site is currently vacant



3.                     MOTIVATION

3.1           General Principles of Land Development

The following land development principles stand central to the proposed development on the application property:


¯       Create efficient and productive cities, sustained by dynamic economics, with less poverty (by dispersing business/office oriented land uses throughout the city);

¯       Encourage growth of local economies (by means of job/wealth creation through suitable local / regional business oriented development);

¯       Promote the availability of residential and employment opportunities in close proximity to, or integrated with each other – close to places of residential development; and

¯       Encourage environmentally sustainable land development practices and processes (sensitive, sound, mixed land use development).


                  These principles form the core of the practice of present day town planners. It will be the purpose of the subsequent sections to prove that this application complies with the above-mentioned criteria.


3.2                    Need

 It is the intension of the owner to use a part of the relevant property for storage facilities since currently the site is underutilised and can be better engaged to create a sustainable and integrated service to the surrounding precincts.


The main purpose of the application is to establish the rights to erect garages for storage purposes, which is attached and will be used by residents and businesses of the Centurion and other surrounding area(s).


The need for such storage facilities is created firstly by the ever increasing Residential Estate Developments (i.e. security complexes, etc densities). Some of these developments often prohibit the residents of storing any trailers, boats, jet-skis, etc. on the complex grounds. Due to a lack of space etc. at their existing residential units a storage facility will afford the abovementioned individuals the safely and convenience of storing their property somewhere that gives them piece of mind.


In the area(s) surrounding the relevant property there are a myriad of such residential developments concentrated in areas like Cornwall Hill, Irene, Highveld and Pierre van Ryneveld but to name a few.


The other proponent of storage facility use is businesses, companies or corporations whom utilize the facilities to archive their closed documents, etc.


There are numerous commercial usages to be found in close proximity to the relevant property, especially along the R21, Nellmapius Drive and Main/Glen Avenue which will provide a steady amount of clientele for a storage facility such as proposed.


The use and intensity of a storage facility is very low, for the reason that people utilize such facilities only on demand or when a specific item is required. The items stored is also of such a nature that it is not used or essential on a daily basis, and most owners will only frequent their storage unit maybe one or twice a month. Therefore the frequency of trips made per storage unit owner is negligible and would not impact negatively on the surrounding road network or the permeability of the area as such.


The site is situated in close proximity to major access routes like the R21 Development Corridor, M57 (Goede Hoop Avenue), M31 (Nellmapius Drive), M18 (Main/Glen Avenue), R50 (Delmas Road) and the M10 (Hans Strijdom Drive). This will ensure ample access to the site as well as assuring that the development is viable in the long run.


The development will also not negatively impact on any residential component since the area wherein it is located consists mainly of small holdings.     


3.3                    Desirability

The character and use for the specific storage facility is not disturbing and with minimum influence or adversely effect from such a low intensity use.


The operating hours of this facility will be from 07:00 in the mornings, till 18:30 in the afternoons and no after hours or storage work will be carried out to impact negatively on the surrounding owners. A night guard will be present on the property to ensure the safety and security of the premises for 24 hours.


The application and buildings will also be subservient to National Building Regulations and normal building lines (5m) of the property. Enough turning facilities will be provided on the site between the buildings and a site development plan will be lodged to proof the quality and layout of the garages. 


This application is in conformance with a few other already approved applications in the Kungwini, Centurion, Pretoria and Akasia areas. The storage of household items, office furniture and paper (documents) are the items to be stored on a daily / monthly basis that can also be easily retrieved.


The development of a storage facility will also not have any meaningful impact on the infrastructure of the area since there is little need for example to connect a multitude of toilets, etc. to the sewage and waste water works.


The application conforms to sound Town Planning principles and can be seen as such activities related to an agricultural culture. Many holdings consist of huge storage facilities and this application is in conformance thereof.


4.              CONCLUSION                      

4.1       The application is for the rezoning of Portion 734 of the farm Doornkloof 391JR, in terms of Section 56(1) of the Town Planning and Townships Ordinance, 1986, from 'Undetermined' to 'Undetermined' including commercial use as defined in the Peri-Urban Areas Town Planning Scheme, 1975, subject to certain conditions.


4.2      The proposed development is in line with the development trends and development guidelines for the area, and therefore will have no negative influence on the area. The proposed development will in actual fact contribute positively to the local economy and amenity of the area.


8.3        The proposal for the property is consistent with the abovementioned need and character of the area.


8.4       Based on the above, it is clear that there is sufficient infrastructure already in place that will support the development and leads us to believe that no valid justifiable reason exists for the rejection of the application. 


Doornkloof No. 391-JR

Locality Plan- Land Use Plan - Zoning Plan