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Summary: The page now loading contains information on our Australian Relations - DESCENDANTS OF JAMES JONES : SHOEMAKER OF THOMAS STREET HOLYHEAD SOUTH WALES - Family of Evan Jones (I) and Elizabeth Stretton - Warrnambool, Australia

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James Jones Shoemaker of Thomas St Holyhead, Wales married Elizabeth Griffiths. Their son Evan Jones (I) lost his first wife and married Elizabeth Stretton in the Church of Saint Mathew in Kensington, Australia. The following is a record of the Australian descendants of the Jones and Stretton families.

Family of Evan Jones (I) and Elizabeth Stretton - Warrnambool Australia

Evan Jones, son of James, was born in Wales and Elizabeth Stretton was born in Birmingham, England. They were both living in Norwood Australia when they married on the 19th of March 1856 in the Church of Saint Mathew in Kensington. Evan and Elizabeth moved to the Warrnambool in 1871 where they remained for the rest of their lives. Descendants of the Evan Jones family are still living in Warrnambool.

Evan Jones (I) Widower (his first wife died in Wales ??)
B-1828-03-03 D-1891-08-nn age 63
B Holyhead, Wales D: Warrnambool I: Warrnambool Cemetery grave 23&24
lived: Warrnambool Both lived in Norwood at the time they were married in the Church of
Work: Builder, Plasterer St. Matthew, Kensington, in the County of Adelaide, South Australia.

M-1856-03-19 Minister: Edward Jenkins - witnesses: Robert Morse, Bridget Edwards

Elizabeth Stretton Spinster- daughter of Thomas Stretton - see marriage certificate
B-1838-10-17 D-1916-09-?? age 77
B: Birmingham D: Warrnambool I: Warrnambool Cemetery grave 23&24
L: Warrnambool

Children 13 + 1 Eight children were born in South Australia, six children were born in Warrnambool.

EJ-01 # Elizabeth B-1856-10-24 D-1857-01-12 age 2 1/2 months
EJ-02 # Mary Jane B-1858-11-13 D-1899-01-29 age 41 Warrnambool Cemetery grave 23&24
EJ-03 # Elizabeth (Liz) B-1860-12-26 D-1945-10-18 age 85 m William Morse (Liz/Nellie Goodrich?/Sylvia)
EJ-04 # Catherine B-1863-03-15 D-1865-09-20 age 2 1/2 years
EJ-05 # Evan (II) B-1865-04-05 D-1948-07-27 age 83 m Elizabeth Mary Melrose. (Campbell/Morse)
EJ-06 # Emma Jones B-1867-02-01 D-1868-05-06 age 2 1/4 years
EJ-07 # William (Will) Griffiths B-1869-03-28 D-1956-10-24 age 87 m Alice Jones in Durban. (Hillier)
EJ-08 # James (Jimmy) Stretton B-1871-04-29 D-1942-02-24 age 70 m Zipporah McLennan in Durban. (Larsen)
EJ-09 # Price Richard B-1873-04-25 D-1874-04-29 age 1 year
EJ---- # Son - stillborn Buried 1877-09-01 in same grave as Price Richard at the Warrnambool Cemetery
EJ-10 # John (Jack) Richard B-1875-02-21 D-1929-04-15 age 54 m Hilda Miniter. (Day/Jeffery/Baird)
EJ-11 # Thomas Llewellyn B-1878-09-01 D- l946-11-nn age 68 m Lititia Kenny; m Maude Spencer. (Brandon/Crome)
EJ-12 # Catherine Maud B-1880-06-24 D-1899-05-10 age 19 Warrnambool Cemetery grave 21
EJ-13 # Margaret (Nellie) Ellen B-1883-04-03 D-1898-12-30 age 15 Warrnambool Cemetery grave 23&24

    NB: The (name) in brackets is that of the the descendants that have been contacted.
    It has been assumed that Mary Jane (EJ-02) died at the age of 41 a spinster - confirmation would be appreciated.

    EJ- Descendants of Evan Jones s/o James Jones, Shoemaker of Thomas St Holyhead, Wales
    EJ-1-4 Numbers denote children in order of birth in each generation
    B: born D: died L: lived W: occupation A: adopted child Di: divorced
    s/o: son of, sn: son, dtr: daughter, M: married, S: single, nn: Not Known, #: further information below
    ^^: Siblings, ^^: Close family, ^^ : Aunts - Uncles, ^^: Great Aunts - Uncles, ^^: Cousins and others

Twelve pictures of family members follow this text - the images may take a few minutes to download.


Evan Jones (I)
Elizabeth Jones (nee Stretton)
John (Jack) Richard Jones : son

ABOVE: Evan Jones and his wife Elizabeth and their son John (Jack) Richard Jones (1879-1929). Jack was the father of Evan Jones (III) and Evan Jones (IV). Evan Jones (III) died in infancy and is buried St Kilda Cemetery Melbourne. Evan Jones (IV) B-1902-12-26 D-1994-07-09 aged 91 years. Evan (IV) married Addey XXXX - they lived in Warrnambool.

Zipporah Jones (nee McLennan) : dtr-in-law
Elizabeth Morse (nee Jones) : dtr and her GrandChildren
Evan Jones II : son - Scoutmaster Evan Jones is wearing the medal he received from Baden Powel during his Australian visit.
REUNION 1997.10.04 : Descendants of Evan and Elizabeth Jones (nee Stretton)

There were 41 people present at the Jones family reunion in Warrnambool. 32 persons from Australia and 9 from New Zealand. The South African families were not represented but were well briefed on the proceedings. Helen Morse prepared a well researched booklet entitled "KEEPING UP WITH THE JONES" for the occasion. The booklet is "DEDICATED TO THOSE WHO HAVE SHAPED OUR LIVES, MAY THE MEMORY OF OUR JONES' FORBEARS BE FOREVER HONOURED" and contains write up on the families and many excellent photographs.
Reunion: Warrnambool Australia - 1997.10.04
Direct descendants of Evan and Elizabeth Jones (nee Stretton) Each person wore a colour-coded name tag to indicate their branch of the family "tree". The gathering started at 2 pm in the conference room of the Warrnambool hospital where afternoon was tea served. Later the tables were set for an excellent three course meal. Keith Jones brought a Bible that was given to Evan Jones' first wife in Wales on the occasion of their marriage - it was inscribed in Welsh and in English and in excellent condition. It was sad to think that, after the birth of their son, she had died and he had left for Australia and taken the Bible with him.
Reunion: Warrnambool Australia - October 1997
1 Prudence Morse, 2 Catherine Bray, 3 Richard Bray, 4 Ashleigh Baird, 5 Kerry Day, 6 Caryl Watson, 7 Helen Crome, 8 Gwenyth Finch, 9 Helen Morse, 10 Fred Jones, 11 Keith Jones, 12 Andrew Hillier, 13 Jeannette Bray, 14 Craig Jones, 15 Neil Morse, 16 Adam Day, 17 Noel Staley, 18 Stephen Baird, 19 Ken Staley, 20 Warren Day, 21 Joan Hillier, 22 Richard Jeffery. 23 Jackie Day. 24 Marilyn Baird, 25 Jean Swan.
BELOW: Family of Evan Jones (II) : son of Evan and Elizabeth Jones

Evan Jones (II) and his wife Elizabeth Mary Melrose were married on the 28th of February 1889 in Melbourne. Their daughter Gwen Adelaide was born in Warrnambool on the 4th of November 1889. Their second daughter Annie Melrose was born on the 31st of March 1891. Evan was a plasterer and stone mason by trade. Evan and the Reverend Norman Crawford established the first scout troop in Warrnambool on the 31st of January 1917. (Evan was Born in Adelaide 1865-04-05 and died in Warrnambool 1948-07-27 age 83. Descendants - Campbell/Morse families)

EJ-05: Evan Jones (II) and his wife Elizabeth - Evan Jones (II) and Elizabeth Mary Melrose were married on the 28th of February 1889 in Melbourne.
Elizabeth Mary Jones and daughters. Gwen Adelaide (right) was born in Warrnambool on the 4th of November 1889 and Annie Melrose (left) was born on the 31st of March 1891.
Sisters - Annie Melrose Jones and Gwen Adelaide Jones: Gwen Adelaide Jones (Campbell) B-1889-11-04 married 1922-01 John Norman Campbell. Children: 4 - # James Norman B-1922, # Annie Melrose II B-1926 married William Henry Charles. # Helen Jean B-1929 married McGillivray (Max)Wynes Morse. # Florence May B-1930 D-1986. Annie Melrose Jones (Hickforden) B1891-3-30 married Harland Harry Hickforden. Children: no information
Wedding - Andrew Morse and Fumiko Hashimoto Sydney Australia 96-12-21: Left to Right - Max Morse (father of groom), Fumiko, Andrew and Helen Morse (mother of groom).

Helen Morse is the daughter of John and Gwen Campbell. Circa 1934 - after the untimely death of their mother, Gwen Adelaide - the four Campbell children went to live with their grandparents Evan (II) and Elizabeth Mary Jones.

BELOW: Family of William Griffiths Jones : son of Evan and Elizabeth Jones

EJ-07: William Griffiths Jones and his wife Alice Rosa - William Griffiths Jones and Alice Rosa Jones were married on the 9th of September 1899 in the Wesleyan Parsonage in Russell Street, Durban Natal by the Reverend C.K. Hodges in the presence of James Jones and his wife Zipporah Jones. James was the elder brother of William - both were plasterers by trade.
William Griffiths Jones and family - Photo circa xxxx - Standing: Dorothy Gertrude, Arthur Leslie, Elsie May, Alice Mabel. Seated: Evan Griffiths, Percival Rudolph. Standing: Fredrik Noel, Stanley William
William Griffiths Jones and his wife Alice Rosa taken on their 50th wedding anniversary in 1949.Their grandson, Keith William Jones wrote: "I have an original of the photo together with a family group photo taken on that occasion. The group includes myself at the age of six years".
Four Generations - Standing: Alice Mabel McElhinney, Joan Phyllis Hillier. Seated: Alice Rosa Jones and baby Andrew Keith Hillier. Photograph taken 1963:04:14
Wedding of Chris and Sue Nugent (nee Hillier) 1993-10-02 - Left to Right: Brad Lewis and Anne Lewis (nee McElhinney) Chris and Sue Nugent (nee Hillier) Andrew Hillier, Joan Hillier, Don Hillier, David McElhinney, Megan McElhinney (daughter of David and Sandra), Benjamin Lewis (son of Anne and Brad) Alice Mable McElhinney, Verea Shakespeare (Don Hillier Aunt who died 94-02-04), Sandra McElhinney (David wife) Barbara McElhinney (wife of Joan's brother Ray)
Church of Christ - Mitchem 93-10-02 - Susan Kay Nugent (nee Hillier), Andrew Keith Hillier, Joan Phyllis Hillier (McElhinney), Alice Mabel McElhinney (nee Jones)
Great-grandmother Alice Mabel McElhinney (nee Jones) and her great-granddaughter Vanessa Kay Nugent - Photograph taken 1997:08:04. Alice Mabel can be seen standing on the RHS in the above William Griffiths Jones and family group photograph. Alice Mabel is the mother of Joan Hillier.
Descendants of William Griffiths and Alice Rosa Jones - Family Reunion held in Warrnambool 1997:10:04
Back Row: Andrew Hillier, Mandy and Craig Jones. Don Hillier. Second Row: Karolee Jones, Tony Swan, Noel, Pauline and Margaret Staley. Front Row: Ken Staley, Keith Jones, Fred Jones, Jean Swan and Joan Hillier

BELOW: Family of James Stretton Jones : son of Evan and Elizabeth Jones

EJ-08: James Stretton Jones and his wife Zipporah - James became engaged to Zipporah McLennan in Warrnambool before he left for South Africa. Some time later Zipporah joined him and they married in Durban and after a time went to live in Germiston - they had 3 boys followed by 3 girls, the two older boys died in Germiston - as a result of the depression they returned to Durban circa 1919 - shortly after returning to Durban Zipporah died of influenza.
Children of James a Zipporah Jones - Photo circa 1913 - L/R: Ernest, Margaret Nellie, Ivy Myrtle, Marjorie. A copy of this photograph was sent to "Lizzie" Morse, written on the back was:- "To dear Lizzie from South Africa. Earnest Evan age 11 years, Ivy Myrtle age 7 years, Nellie Margaret age 5 years sitting down. Marjorie Thelma age 3 years 5 months. With best love & wishes from Zip and Jim."
Wedding of Victor Larsen and Ivy Jones - L/R : Mary Anne Edwards (Mother of groom) Marjorie Jones (sister of bride), Victor Theodore Larsen (groom), Ivy Myrtle Jones (bride), James Stretton Jones (father of bride), Angel Sivert Larsen (older brother of groom) - 10th February 1931 : Durban, Natal, South Africa.
Family of James Stretton Jones - L/R BACK: Sidney Short, Victor Larsen, Sivert Larsen. L/R CENTER: David Larsen, June Short, Pam Short, Roy Stretton Larsen. Brian Andrews. L/R FRONT: James Stretton Jones, Mary Ann Larsen (nee Edwards) - mother of Victor, Ivy Myrtle Larsen (dtr of James), Nel Short (dtr of James), Marjorie Andrews (dtr of James) Marjorie's husband Bert Andrews was a POW in Italy/Germany circa 1940 to 1945 - Marjorie's younger son Colin was not in the photograph . James' wife Zipporah died circa 1920.
Marjorie and Ivy Jones - 10th February 1931
Ivy Larsen ( nee Jones) - circa 1978
Mother of David and Roy Larsen
Great-grandson David Larsen aged 63
Great-great-great-grandson Gustav Adjriou aged 6


David Larsen is the great-grandson of James and Elizabeth Jones

Nephew: Bergen Larsen
Son Mark, his wife Debbie and my wife Ursula
Eldest son James and his wife Gisela
Youngest son Mark and his wife Debbie
Ursula and granddaughter Thamar
Ursula, grandson Gustav and son Gernot
Gisela and our granddaughter Naomi
Grandchildren Tabea and David with son Gernot
My wife Ursula and children - taken some years ago - L/R Gernot, Ursula, Steven,Verena, James, Mark.
James outside the Salbu farm office
Fredrik Johan Larsen and family circa 1895 - the three sons of Sivert Andersen Hordnes are standing at the back on the RHS of the photograph, viewed from L/R they are Emil, Angel and my grandfather Sigvard - their mother, Marie Elizabeth (nee Olsen), married F J Larsen after her husband Sivert drowned at the entrance to the Fanafjord. Emil and Sigvard were identical twins.
David Larsen and family circa 1995 - from L/R daughter Verena, grandson Thorgal, son Gernot and his friend Linda, my wife Ursula with grandson Gustav, myself David Larsen, son Mark and his wife Debbie. (Gustav and Thorgal are the sons of Verena - Verena and her husband Paul Adjriou live in a rural area near a country village in France).
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