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Summary: The page now loading contains information on our Australian Relations - DESCENDANTS OF KENNETH McLENNAN AND SARAH ALSOP - Warrnambool, Australia.

SARAH ALSOP was the daughter of JAMES ALSOP and HANNAH HADFIELD of GLOSSOP in DERBYSHIRE ENGLAND. HANNAH descended from the ROBINSON family, the famous woollen millers of Gnat Hole.

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Clock maker (sic) - London

McLennan Family
Kenneth McLennan was a clock maker in London
married Jane Mann
Children - two sets of twins:
Kenneth McLennan (II) born 31 July 1828 in St Martins, Westminster, London
William McLennan born 31 July 1828 in St Martins, Westminster, London
Catherine McLennan born 2 October 1829 in St Martins, Westminster, London
Sara McLennan born 2 October 1829 in St Martins, Westminster, London

Note: Kenneth McLennan (II) was born/christened 31 July 1828, St Martins, Westminster, London, as was his twin William. Another set of twins, Catherine and Sara, were born/christened a year later, 2 October 1829, again at St Martins, Westminster, London. It must have been the the sister of Kenneth McLennan senior who married Henry Penfold in 1836 rather than one of his daughters. This would mean that the Kenneth Penfold McLennan born 19 April 1878 in Warrnambool would then have been named after one of his father's Penfold cousins, perhaps a cousin called Kenneth Penfold, rather than an uncle by marriage.

Note: Ivy Jones told her son David Victor Larsen (DVL) "Uncle Penfold (Kenneth Penfold McLennan B-1878) used to visit my mother (Zipporah Jones nee McLennan), when we lived in Durban. Uncle Penfold was on a ship, they were very fond of each other, after my mother died he stopped calling."

KMcL-1 (son of above)
Kenneth McLennan (II)
B-1827 app D-1901 aged 74
B: London D: Warrnambool Reg: 7853
I: Warrnambool cemetery
M-1866 Reg:277
Sarah Alsop dtr of James (John) Alsop and Hannah Hadfield (See Note at end)
B-1842 D-1909 aged 67
B: Derbyshire D: Warrnambool Reg:7853
I: Warrnambool cemetery
Children: 9
KMcL-1-1 Sarah Ann B-1866
KMcL-1-2# Hannah B-1867 D-1894 (aged 27 East Melbourne) m George Bailey
KMcL-1-3 William (Bill) B-1869 D-1980 Warrnambool m Annie Children: 3 George, Ernie, Zipporah
KMcL-1-4# Zipporah B-1870
KMcL-1-5 Charles James (King) B-1872
KMcL-1-6 Kenneth B-1875 M-1887-01-08 ??
KMcL-1-7 Ernest Kenneth B-1876 D-1877-01-08 died as a baby in Warrnambool
KMcL-1-8 Kenneth Penfold B-1878 used to visit SA to see sister Zipporah
KMcL-1-9# George Augustus B-1881

Note: Kenneth McLennan (II) and his wife Sarah are both buried in the same grave as their baby son Earnest Kenneth (B-1876 D-1877-01-08 interned Warrnambool cemetery)

KMcL-0 Descendants of Kenneth McLennan and Jane Mann
KMcL-1-4 Numbers denote children in order of birth in each generation
B: born D: died L: lived W: occupation A: adopted child Di: divorced
s/o: son of sen: son of dtr: daughter M: married S: single


Notes about the McLennan Family:

Bill McLennan wrote on back of photograph of Kenneth McLennan sent to DVL about 1993-01-27 reads:-

Kenneth McLennan born London App 1827 married 1866, his father's name was Kenneth, his mother's name was Jane Mann, (Kenneth) died 1901 Warrnambool. NB The cemetery records 1897 (or 1877 - print not clear) wife's name: Sarah Alsop born Derbyshire 1842 died 1909. Her father's name was JamesAlsop, her mother's name was Hannah Hadfield
Children: 9
1 Sarah Ann B-1866 Warrnambool
2 Hannah B-1867 Warrnambool D-1894 - Died in South Melbourne Pier Tragedy
3 William B-1869 Warrnambool
4 Zipporah B-1870 Warrnambool - married James Stretton Jones of Warrnambool
5 Charles James B-1872 Warrnambool
6 Kenneth B-1875 Warrnambool
7 Ernest Kenneth B-1876-01-08 Warrnambool
8 Kenneth Penfold B-1878 Warrnambool
9 George Augustus B-1881 Warrnambool

Bill McLennan wrote: Our Grandfather had very big hands - see photograph.

Parents of Sarah Alsop
James Alsop
born: 1807-09-30 died: circa 1880 in DeWitt Co, IL
married: 1834-09-03 in Glossop, Derbyshire
Hannah Hadfield
Ann Grant Bowden Alsop born circa 1835
Hadfield Alsop born circa 1836
Zipporah Alsop born circa 1838
Sarah Alsop born 1842 in Glossop

Note: Ivy Jones told DVL "Uncle Penfold used to visit my mother, Zipporah in Durban, he was on a ship, they were very fond of each other, after Zipporah died he stopped calling."

Note: Bill McLennan said Michael bought his mothers house and has made many changes to the place.

Note: Just as Chicago was emerging as a major city, a devastating fire (Oct. 8-9, 1871) swept through part of the city, leaving almost 100,000 people homeless and causing millions of dollars in damage. The city embarked on a rebuilding program, using stone to replace wooden buildings and creating one of the first modern fire departments in America.

Note: The late Kenneth Bailey wrote to say that he had a letter written by James Alsop - to his daughter Sarah - saying he was in Chicago Illinois "to patent the worlds first propeller of power." After the devastating "Great Fire of Chicago" swept through part of the city in 1871 James was never heard of again . (DVL Note: We have since established that James left Glossop and joined his older brother  in Illinois. After the death circa 1855 of his first wife, Hannah Hadfield, James married to Mary Ann Malson, 17 February 1857 in DeWitt Co, IL and later married Eliza (Stallman), on 2 November 1861 in DeWitt Co, IL. Their children were Anna Alsop born 1864 in Illinois Sherman Ulysses S Alsop born April 1868 in Illinois, Harriet S Alsop born February 1869. James' descendants, and the descendants of his brother , are still living in the United States. CLICK HERE)

Note: Bill McLennan worked as a clerk in Australian Public Service and retired in August 1980 at age 65. Bill wrote on the 2nd of April 1980 saying "the McLennan trace the origins back to the Kings of Tara in Ireland. St Columba, who brought Christianity to Iona in the Island of Mull near Oban, was a McLennan as also was St Colman so the record is rather fascinating. I have been to McLennan country, Kintail, in the Kyle of Loch Ailsh, the place is rather beautifully rugged."

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Ivy Jones said that her mother, Zipporah, died of influenza
Zipporah McLennan (Jones) married James Stretton Jones
B-1870 D-1920-12-03 aged 50 (She may have been 51 yrs old and born 1869??)
I: CE 31 137 C: West Street Cemetery Durban South Africa interned 1920-12-04
M-1898-05-28 Wesleyan-Methodist Church, Russell Street Durban - present: H J West and Alice Jones.

Ship Information extracted from the funeral notice of Mrs Evan Jones - mother of James Stretton Jones.
Mrs Elizabeth Jones (nee Stretton) arrived at Adelaide by the sailing vessel Ann Holsberg (Holzberg) under Captain Harris in the year 1854 after a voyage of 104 days. She was married Evan Jones in Adelaide and moved to Warrnambool where she remained till the time of her death.

Ship Information Extracted from 'Index to Assisted Passengers'
Miss Sarah Alsop age 21 of Derby arrived in Melbourne by the sailing vessel 'Robert Small'. The ship left Southhampton on the 11th of June 1863 and arrived in Melbourne on 16th of September 1863. (3 months and 5 days). The records show that Sarah could read and write - she came to work for the well known Doctor Harrington of Warrnambool as a Nursemaid. (date 24.09.63 : Wage 20 : Term 1)

THE DIARY OF KETURA DAVIES : This diary describes a sailing ship voyage from Wales to Adelaide in 1860.
HISTORY OF WARRNAMBOOL : Atkinson and Rutledge made the most of special survey grants allocated by the crown in the early 1840's, purchasing their special surveys through this system Rutledge obtained 5210 acres which was basically from Port Fairy to Warrnambool, and Atkinson overlayed his survey on the existing port and settlement of Port Fairy and renamed it Belfast. It was partly through the industry of these men that the areas around Warrnambool and Port Fairy, through to Portland, became extensively settled in the 1840's and 50's. There was a good demand for farmers, shephards, laborers and tradesmen in the area and emigration was especially encouraged by Rutledge, Campbell and Atkinson and their agents, and they where loud in their insistence that many of the emigrants / immigrants brought out or sponsered into Australia - through the bounty and emigrant schemes - be sent on to Portland and Warrnambool. From here they would be sent either by inter colonial vessels or overland to Warrnambool, [settled 1847] and Port Fairy, where their skills where often eagerly sought after, as many of the early tradesmen and farmers, who had improved conditions successfully for themselves, moved onto their own farms, or to take their skills / trades to developing places where higher prices would be paid for their labour.

Kenneth McLennan (1827-1901) born London husband of Sarah Alsop

Kenneth was the son of James McLennan of London. Sarah was the daughter of James Alsop and his wife Hannah Hadfield.

Ernest Kenneth Bailey and wife Lillian (Quenie) Charlette Duff

Ernest Kenneth Bailey (1886 -1973) married (1913) Lillian (Quenie) Charlotte Duff (circa 1891-1973). Ernest was the grandson of Kenneth McLennan and Sarah Alsop.

Sarah (nee Alsop) wife of Kenneth McLennan

SARAH ALSOP (1842-1905) was the daughter of JAMES ALSOP and HANNAH HADFIELD of GLOSSOP in DERBYSHIRE. Sarah was 21 years old when she arrived in Melbourne by the sailing vessel 'Robert Small' in 1863.

Ernest Kenneth Bailey (RHS) and Friend

On board HMS Psyche. The 1902 colonial conference agreed that 2 Royal Navy cruisers, HMS Challenger and HMS Psyche, would be manned exclusively by Australians under RN command.

James Stretton Jones and wife Zipporah McLennan. Zipporah was the daughter of Kenneth McLennan and his wife Sarah Alsop. James became engaged to Zipporah McLennan in Warrnambool before he left for South Africa. Some time later Zipporah joined him and they married in Durban and after a time went to live in Germiston - they had 3 boys followed by 3 girls, the two older boys died in Germiston - as a result of the depression they returned to Durban circa 1919 - shortly after returning to Durban Zipporah died of influenza.
Children of James Jones and Zipporah McLennan - Photo circa 1913 - L/R: Ernest, Margaret Nellie, Ivy Myrtle, Marjorie. A copy of this photograph was sent to "Lizzie" Morse, written on the back was:- "To dear Lizzie from South Africa. Earnest Evan age 11 years, Ivy Myrtle age 7 years, Nellie Margaret age 5 years sitting down. Marjorie Thelma age 3 years 5 months. With best love & wishes from Zip and Jim."
Wedding of Victor Larsen and Ivy Jones - L/R : Mary Anne Edwards (Mother of groom) Marjorie Jones (sister of bride), Victor Theodore Larsen (groom), Ivy Myrtle Jones (bride), James Stretton Jones (father of bride), Angel Sivert Larsen (older brother of groom) - 10th February 1931 : Durban, Natal, South Africa.
Family of James Stretton Jones - L/R BACK: Sidney Short, Victor Larsen, Sivert Larsen. L/R CENTER: David Larsen, June Short, Pam Short, Roy Stretton Larsen. Brian Andrews. L/R FRONT: James Stretton Jones, Mary Ann Larsen (nee Edwards) - mother of Victor, Ivy Myrtle Larsen (dtr of James), Nel Short (dtr of James), Marjorie Andrews (dtr of James) Marjorie's husband Bert Andrews was a POW in Italy/Germany circa 1940 to 1945 - Marjorie's younger son Colin was not in the photograph . James' wife Zipporah died circa 1920.
Marjorie and Ivy Jones - 10th February 1931
Ivy Larsen ( nee Jones) - circa 1978
Mother of David and Roy Larsen


Bill McLennan is the son of George Augustus McLennan and Briget May Lewis and the grandson of Kenneth McLennan and Sara Alsop

CHILDREN left to right Pamela  Gerard Maryanne Philip Anthony Joan

William J (Bill) McLennan married Phyllis Maher in 1939

Pamela McLennan m Max Symington - Fiona , Andrew
McLennan m Susan Crewes - Kirsten, Amy
Maryanne McLennan m  Walsh - David, Jane, Clare, Adrian, Ann
Gerard McLennan m Christine Dixon - Juliet, Katherine, Matthew, Louise
Anthony McLennan m Marie - Louise Pelletier Paul, Benjamin, Michael, Claire,
Philip McLennan m Cynthia Rimmer - Peta
Joan McLennan m Michael Anderson - Jessica , Gabriel, Caleb, Carmel


David Victor Larsen is the son of Victor Theodore Larsen and Ivy Myrtle Jones and the grandson of Zipporah McLennan and James Stretton Jones.

Nephew: Bergen Larsen
Son Mark, his wife Debbie and my wife Ursula
Eldest son James and his wife Gisela
Youngest son Mark and his wife Debbie
Ursula and granddaughter Thamar
Ursula, grandson Gustav and son Gernot
Gisela and our granddaughter Naomi
Grandchildren Tabea and David with son Gernot
My wife Ursula and children - taken some years ago - L/R Gernot, Ursula, Steven,Verena, James, Mark.
James outside the Salbu farm office
Fredrik Johan Larsen and family circa 1895 - the three sons of Sivert Andersen Hordnes are standing at the back on the RHS of the photograph, viewed from L/R they are Emil, Angel and my grandfather Sigvard - their mother, Marie Elizabeth (nee Olsen), married F J Larsen after her husband Sivert drowned at the entrance to the Fanafjord. Emil and Sigvard were identical twins.
David Larsen and family circa 1995 - from L/R daughter Verena, grandson Thorgal, son Gernot and his friend Linda, my wife Ursula with grandson Gustav, myself David Larsen, son Mark and his wife Debbie. (Gustav and Thorgal are the sons of Verena - Verena and her husband Paul Adjriou live in a rural area near a country village in France).
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