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Views of Salbu and Grandsons Fishing

A view from the Salbu Office Veranda

This photograph was taken with a video camera on a tripod from the veranda in front of the Salbu offices. All of the trees were originally pines - today there is a number of types of tree in the plantation.

A view from the Office - Easter 1997

Gustav and David Fishing

After a number of fishing trip to the local dam and not catching any fish Gustav and David fished in the Salbu carp pond. Gustav soon hooked the fist carp and David rang back to the house to fetch the fish net . David was in such a hurry to fetch the net that he left his line in the water.

A fish pulled his rod under the water and we thought it was lost - later Uncle Gernot waded into the water and found the rod. All the carp that Gustav caught were very big - after removing the hooks the carp were released back into the pond. Gustav and Micky are great friends, this picture was taken last year. Thorgal and Gustav resting after a long walk - this picture was taken at the gate near their Uncle Gernot's cottage.

Gustav at the Salbu Pond

Gustav has the fish - David has the net ready

Gustav inspects the hook

The hook is out and the fish is fine

Amy Deborah Larsen : Born 98-05-07

Parents : Mark and Debbie Larsen - Grandparents : David and Ursula Larsen
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